2017 NBBA Spring Shootout

BASKETBALL May 27 - May 28, 2017

Marin, CA, United States

Marin, CA, United States

Tournament Rules
 Uniforms / Ball Size / Clock / Tie

~ Home team is 1st
team on schedule (wears light color)

~ Game time is
forfeit time, no grace period.

~ Ball size: 28.5
Boys 9U-12U; 29.5 Boys 13U-17U (Home Team Supplies)

~ Two (2) 20 minute running
clock halves

~ Clock stops last 10 seconds of the 1st half and
the last 2 mins of the 2nd half provided the score is within 12
points or less.

~ Tie Breaker: #1 Head to Head; #2 Point Differential (max
13); #3 Points Allowed


Warm Up / Timeouts / Overtime / Free

~ 3 minute warm up time before each

~ 3 minute half time

~ Two 30 second time-outs per half

~ 1st overtime
is 2 min; 2nd overtime is sudden death

~ One 30 second timeout per overtime.

~ Free throws will be 1 & 1 at 7 fouls, double bonus at 10 fouls.

~ A player fouls out on 5th personal foul.


Technical Fouls / Ejections / Fans

~ Two technical fouls will result in
automatic ejection from the game.

~ Any ejections of coaches or players will be an automatic
suspension from the next game. NO

~ Any ejections of coaches or players for fighting will be
an automatic ejection from the rest of the tournament. NO EXCEPTIONS!

~ Coaches are responsible for controlling their fans and supporters. Any
problems could result in team technical fouls or game forfeiture