The smartest, easiest way to manage your competition!
Easy to use. Packed with powerful features.
Save time. Stay organized. Connect with members!
Suitable for all team sports!
The setup is real fast and easy. You can create the competition website in a matter of minutes. And to top it off, it comes with iPhone App for mobile users.
Our setup wizard will guide you step-by-step, to what format you require. It could be round-robin, elimiation and pools and playoff
For your convenience, our registration system allows participants to apply online. No more consolidation and no more data entry.

Make it real-time. Quick and easy entry of scores & data.

Want to impress members with real time updates? You can! Use your phone to input ‘live’ updates.

Everyone can check out the real-time score and real-time statistics on the website and mobile app. It’s professional and very exciting.

Fully customizable website apperance

It's all about you and the personality of your competition. You choose what you want your competition page to look like. Add in competition logos, competition colours, competition banners or competition cheers. Before you know it, everyone wants to be on your competition.

Custom Domain Name.
You may also wish to use your custom domain name. Hestitate no more, contact us now.

Be a star. Let the slideshow tell.
Create your own slideshow, where you can enter your favourite pictures. Nothing like a sports competition website with memories of all the thrills and spills of the moment.

Experience how easy it is to manage a team!

1. Give your team or players the latest schedule updates via e-mail.
2. Managing your player list is really this easy!

Create a group
for your game event

Get people involved! Set up a community and
1. Share the game result and player statistic with Facebook
2. Support your teams.
3. Become a fan of your favourite players.
4. Upload and share your pictures and videos.
Demo Website
Example: Company Competition
Example: School Competition
Example: Private League